private jets

This bronze model of a private jet is 110cm (3’6″) in length, with a total wingspan of 95cm (3’1″). To aid readability and contrast we have left many parts matte while the surrounding fuselage and wings are highly polished. The jet stands on a long hexagonal bronze and Portoro marble base. Each tiniest detail is seperately cast, finished and assembled to ensure total accuracy.

The configuration of polished or unpolished bronze surfaces as well as the choice of stone inserts in the base are of course up to each client – although this is our recommendation – as is the scale of the model.

Each jet portrait is custom-made to commission.

We will arrange for the 3d file of your jet to be created.

Size: 110cm (3 ft 7 in)
Finish: two-tone
Base insert: Portoro marble