digitised portraits in bronze

by Alex von Moltke

Bronze is regarded as one of the most qualitative, strongest and exclusive materials known to man.

You will work with me personally to create your timeless work of art. Whether it is to commemorate your finest achievements, honour your loved ones or to elevate your corporate gifting to outperform your competition, bronze will provide the tasteful solution with the biggest impact.

Due to the highly personalised nature of my work, I can only accept a limited number of commissions per month. Please get in touch to join our waiting list.

In order to offset our carbon footprint we have teamed up with Treesisters to plant up to 250 trees for every order placed.


  • Style:Facetted
  • Finish:Burnished

I use 3D technology creatively to help me achieve my vision of my clients’ personalities. My artistic process involves complex and iterative shaping of the data set gained from the initial scanning of a client. It is a stylized interpretation that both brings out the essence of the subject’s personality, but also transcends their physical reality into the realm of art. The result is a unique synthesis of classic and contemporary, tasteful and funky.


The digitised portrait busts are available in two very different styles:


The portrait busts come in two sizes:


The bronze can be offered in an array of finishes:

base inserts

For the base insert we offer a choice from three ranges of materials:
Semi-Precious Stone – malachite, Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite
Porphyry – Moreno, Verdigris or Viola
Exotic Timber – Pomele Sapele, Maple, Bubinga or Burr Elm
We would gladly customise the choice of base insert to your personal taste.

portrait urn

We offer a special service to include deceased family members or friends. We work with accomplished portrait artists as well as ex-Madame Tussaud’s sculptors who create a perfect likeness of your loved one in clay. They can work from photographs alone and use such techniques as digital projection to ensure perfect scale and proportion. When the artist's model is ready, I 3D scan it to bring it into the digital domain and continue with my work to create the same facetted or fluid styles as seen in this website.

The ensuing bust can be taken one step further with our Portrait Urn which houses a vessel in copper. After filling it is closed tightly and screwed safely up into the hollow cavity of the bust's head. The semi-abstraction of both our facetted and fluid styles rid a model of the semblance of age and thus remain as a timeless and ever-lasting memento of your departed friend or relative, as well as a secure receptacle for their ashes.